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I’ve always been physically active with various exercise programs, but I have never achieved the kind of benefits I’ve seen with the Bar Method. After just four months, I’ve seen a tremendous difference– in my body shape and the way my clothes fit, in my stamina and strength, and in the number of compliments I’ve been receiving! I’m amazed that a strength, flexibility and cardiovascular workout can be combined into one fun and challenging hour of fitness. Strength and flexibility are important for women of all ages, and it’s so great that the Bar Method offers an aerobic workout without harming our joints!

I go to class four times per week, and have lost about three inches in my waist and hips. My legs are leaner and firmer, too. The Bar Method has also enhanced my tennis game because my core, arms and legs are stronger. The Bar Method has helped my mental game too, with an increased focus on work and other activities.

I’m definitely hooked!

I have lost three inches in my waist and hips!! Patty